Starting a Profitable Hotel & Small Web Biz in Dortmund / Germany and Barcelona, Costa Brava and Sant Feliu de Guixols in Spain with Computer, Web Pages, Newsletter, English, Spanish, German, Photos and Videos

Infographic Selling More Hotel Rooms Without OTA
Infographic Selling More Hotel Rooms Without Online Travel Agency (OTA) - CC: Rainer Wiesehahn


Dear Hotel Owner & Small Web Business Founder,

hi, my name is Rainer Wiesehahn. I'm a German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)  in Mülheim/Ruhr (Germany) and Webmaster of about 30 Web sites with hundreds of Web pages and newsletters.

Sorry for my completely different English.

Most of you will not understand German.

Hotel Business


Hotel owners can sell more hotel rooms without the "help" of Online Travel Agencys (OTAs). How about Germany? Hotels doing business in Germany with SEA can get 5,000 Euros from unfair competitors.

Unfair OTAs make 5,000 euros every millisecond. Without unfair behaviour like best price terrorism and brand hijacking they made only 2,000.

Their success formula is

"Shoot first, ask later!"

Hotels can overcome unjust OTAs without breaking the contract between your hotel and your favourite OTA.

There are 3 easy ways to shoot back without being fired by your OTA. You can see these solutions on the infographic above or in Spanish on the "infografia" below:

Infografia Vender más que
Infografia: "3 pasos simples para vender más que" - CC: Rainer Wiesehahn

Germany has  very effective Unfair Competition laws. Unfair competitors pay 5,000 euros to ripped off co-competitors without a lawsuit or the Unfair Competition law judge sentence them to 250,000 euros .

A very good deal for hoteliers doing business in Germany.  

Small Web Biz

Infographic: "How To Find A Dream Job"
Infographic: "How To Find Your Dream Job" - CC: Rainer Wiesehahn


Furthermore I would like to help citizens from the European Union (EU), from Brazil, from  the Caribbean, from Costa Rica, from Dominican Republic, from Japan, from Taiwan and from China  starting a small and profitable, 1-Lady-Show or 1-Man-Show, Web biz in Dortmund / Germany and Barcelona and Sant Feliu de Guíxols in Spain. Starting a Profitable Web Biz with a Computer and with Web Pages, Newsletter, English, Spanish, German, Photos and Videos is one of the best and inexspensive Business ideas.

A Web biz is a small online business. A full-time Web biz is profitable when its business owner makes at least 3.000 euros or 4.000 € net monthly.

A half-time small online biz should at least earn 1.000 or 2.000 euros every month.

You will only make money on the Web if you choose a business idea that you like and that you know very well.

If you don´t like working with a computer than this place is not the right one for you.

With a computer and an Internet connection everyone can start a profitable web biz provided you are ready to learn and buy the following requirements and equipments:

  • You have a Computer or Laptop with an Internet connection.
  • Want to learn how to create profitable Web pages
  • Would like to know Writing Web texts and Newsletters that really sell.
  • Translate your English Web pages and newsletter to Spanish and German
  • Have a very good camera for High Quality Photos and Videos
  • Writing a Business Plan


Computer or Laptop with Internet connection


Some of you might not yet have a computer or laptop with Internet connection. There are a lot of serious Web addresses where you can compare the prices for computers, laptops and Internet providers.

Learn more about that below:

Profitable Web Biz with a Computer

Best Business Computers

Profitable Web Biz with a Laptop

Best Business Laptops

Best Price Internet Providers


Creating Profitable Web Pages


Creating profitable Web pages is possible without knowing HTML and without hiring a Web designer or Web coder.

All you need is a good Web host, a CMS Web site, a Domain, a profitable Web site theme and a list of the most expensive Keywords.

Creating Web pages is very easy with a good Web design software like Dreamweaver or WebSiteBuilder. But it is a hard job creating profitable Web pages.

Web pages can only be profitable, if the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing list the pages on the Top 5 Positions of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

This requires Web Marketing skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and writing customer-oriented Web texts for every Web Page and Newsletter.

Creating Profitable Web Pages



Writing Web Texts that Sell


Writing Web Texts that sell is essential for a profitable Web Biz. Selling Web Texts make the following 3 parties happy:

  • Your customers and target group.
  • The Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • The Small Web Biz Owner

Learn more about this on

Profitable Web Texts that Sell

 You can make money on the Web as well without too many Web pages with E-Mail Marketing, Newsletters and an Auto Pilote Website.


E-Mail Marketing with Newsletters


E-Mail Marketing with Newsletters requires as well a Web host, an Auto Pilote Website, a Domain, somes Web pages, a Newsletter and E-Mail Autoresponder and a Google AdWords Account.

Profitable Web Biz in Germany and Spain with Newsletters and E-Mail Marketing


Web Pages in English, Spanish and German


Web Pages in English, Spanish and German will make your Web biz in Germany and Spain more profitable.

English is the most used language on the Web according to a study made by W3Techs. English is used by 55.5% of all Web sites.

Profitable Web biz with English

German is the only official language of Germany. A Web biz located in Germany is only profitable, if your Web pages, newsletters and customer service are in German.

Profitable Web biz in Germany with German

Spanish is one of the official languages of Spain. Starting a Web biz in Spain is not possible without knowing Spanish unless you hire an interpreter or lawyer speaking English, Spanish and German.

Profitable Web biz in Spain with Spanish


Best Cameras for High Quality Photos and Videos

Writing a Business Plan