Starting a Profitable Web Biz with a Computer in Germany and Spain

Starting a Web Biz with a Computer in Germany and Spain is much more cheaper than starting a normal small business with a law office in Berlin, a mall in Dortmund or a restaurant in Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

You can start a computer-based Web biz from home so you don't have

  • additional expenses for physical location, salaries etc,
  • no or little advertising costs,
  • no inventory to maintain,
  • no or little product development expenses.

In Germany you can draw the costs for the room, where your computer web biz is located, from the taxes.

Another advantage for a web biz with a computer is that this business is not so labour-intensive than running a restaurant in Berlin or Barcelona. The computer Web biz owner can decide how many hours he will spend on his business. He can work 1 to 18 hours if he wants. The restaurant owner has to work every day 10 to 15 hours.

Typical products or services for a computer Web biz in Germany and Spain are:

  • Writing, rewriting and proof-reading Web texts and newsletters in German, Spanish and English.
  • Translating texts, books, Web pages, e-books from German to Spanish, German to English, Spanish to German, Spanish to English.
  • Programming Web sites and software for customers.
  • Selling software on the Web.
  • Producing, editing and selling Photos and Videos.
  • Creating a profitable Affiliate Website.
  • Web site optimization for clients.
  • Search Engine Opitimization (SEO) for customers.
  • Being a computer expert with a telephone hotline.
  • Writing computer science articles for magazines.
  • Writing and selling own e-books.
  • Teaching the English, Spanish or German language.
  • Being a coach for SEM with Google AdWords.
  • Writing sales letters and copies for customers or for own Web projects.

The million dollar question now is, how these computer web business ideas can be profitable.

A computer web biz can be profitable if you write a business plan.

Writing a business plan has the advantage that you will find out if and how your business ideas will make money or not.

A business idea for a full-time computer Web biz should at least make 3.000 Euros or 4.000 € net every month. A half-time Web business with a computer should earn at least 1.000 € or 2.000 Euros net every month.